Sunday, 10 November 2013

Catch me if you can has a animated opening title sequence if that this is a very good opening film sequence because it was different at the time to all the other film opening sequences so it could have interested people more in the film than the normal opening film sequences.Also i think that Catch me if you can has a very effective opening title sequence because it makes you follow the line through all the shots and the line helps make up the peoples names who have contributed towards the film.The opening tile sequence shows two men one trying to get away from the other this ties in with the films title "Catch me if you can"it starts with them in a airport then moves to a car chase in to what looks like a bar/hotel scene. This could be portraying what is going to happen in the film in animation (but i would not know as i have not seen this film).

overall i think that the Catch me if you can opening title sequence is very good and would have been very different at the time the film was released.

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