Tuesday, 10 December 2013

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Monday, 9 December 2013

Target Audience 

Our target audience is between the ages of 16-35 as my group and i feel that people around this age group would best understand the triller genre  especially  the sub genre crime thriller as this genre is what we will be focusing on when producing our opening title sequence.


someone into intrigue and mystery with a tint of a twist. someone who like to try and work things out for themselves but sometimes never quite gets there. a person who never gives up trying and will always give it a shot on working out what in happening, yet still loves the element of surprise

Tuesday, 3 December 2013


 The opening title sequence to sixth sense is very simplistic as it is a black background with white text fading in and out from the middle.As this is the only thing happening you are drawn to read the text what is good as then the people get the recognition  they wanted,but this could put people off watching the film as i feel that if the opening title sequence is good and you become emerged  in the film so you want to watch more but as it is very simple people might lose interest as some people might judge a book by its cover and feel that the film will be simple and boring.

I like the text that they have used as it is not big and bold in your face and is simplistic,this is one of the reasons i like this sort of font but i extremely like the white text on the black background as it stands out and catches our eye.

Monday, 2 December 2013


My first question was "what is your favourite  genre ?" 

Most people answered  horror and thriller,this suggests that i should crate a horror or thriller opening title sequence as the majority of people prefer to watch this genre.

Here is a screenshot of why people like horror and thriller films.

 From this i found out that people like horrors because they like to get scared and feel immersed in the film.also they like the tension that builds up and the plot. so when i create my opening title i will
included long drawn out  music that builds up tension to make the viewer already imersed  in the film.

What genre are we doing ?

In my previous post i have put up some mood boards on different  genres so i could get ideas for all the genres and then i sat down with my group and we looked at are mood boards and decided what genre of opening title sequence.We have decided to do a thriller opening title sequence because our survey results showed that the most of the people that took my survey preferred Horror and thriller films but we decided to chose thriller because we feel that we can make a better quality opening sequence in the thriller genre. And we liked the fonts and style that thriller films have. I will look at opening thriller sequences to collect more ideas.