Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Sparrows Den Woods

Sparrows den has the best woos out of the location my group and i looked at but also it will easy for all of us to get to as there is a bus stop next to the woods and from there just a five minute walk in the woods to our filming location.

Monday, 24 February 2014

music choices

Music choices 
 My group and i have been looking a chase scene music for our opening title sequence,we have decided to take a section of the dark night rises soundtrack made by Hans Zimmer.


  Risk assessment  

Josh Hoare and Sam Wills are two actors that are running through the woods.They are at risk of falling or tripping over a rock or any other small object that will be on the floor. We will tackle this by finding the are they will be running through and walking down it clearing all obstacles in the way.

I am the Director/Camera man so i will be in-charge of the camera,dropping the camera could damage the camera but could also harm me as it call fall and hit me on my foot. We will stop this from happening by keeping it in a bag when transporting the camera and when filming with it i will walk slow and hold it by the proper handles.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

camera shots


As i am going to be filming the opening title sequence i have been looking at shots that i could use for example i have found a image of a really good shot where the camera is following a man as he runs through the woods,so i am going to use this shot and make it look like the camera is at the villains point of view looking at the victim as he runs through the woods. 
another shot that ihave beethinking of is where the victim runs past the camera but the camera is in a bush so there is some leaves in the way of the shot and you can hear them russell as the victim runs past. Also to show the fast pass of them running i film some shots form far and let trees fly past the shot.

In this video there are some really interesting and good shot that i would like to use when filming the opening title sequence.I really like the point of view shots as i feel that it gets the fear of the victim across to the views as they will be able to hear him breathing very heavily.But also if it was a point of view of the villains perspective then you will see that he would be catching him up and you could also see the panic in the victim by the way he is running.

victim outfit

For the victim we are going to make him look like a very  vulnerable person who was having a walk in the woods so we have decided to make our victim where smart clothes so shirt,glasses and a tie we hare basing our vulnerable victim on a picture that looks like a typical nerd/neek. We have gone against conventions of a man,men are seen strong, athletic ect so for the victim we have made him look weak.

villain outfit

i have been looking at some chase scenes in triller films to see what the villain is wearing so we can go and find/buy cloths to fit the conventions of a villain in a thriller film.most of the villains have been wearing very dark clothes and a hood so that it makes it very hard for the view to see there face so you do not know who it is.the villain/murderer has a very dark and creepy feel to him so the all black and hidden face will fit our is a image of what our villain will look like but as we are filming when it is darker it will make it harder to see is face.

Thursday, 6 February 2014


 I have been playing around with the Optimum productions logo as i really like the film tape they have in their logo so i have cropped it out and put it into photoshop and have added our production companies name to the film tape and have played around with the fonts and i have showed my group and we have decided on this for our logo.