Monday, 21 October 2013

Spiderman 2 Opening Credits

The Spiderman opening credits is very good as it refreshes you memory of what happened in the first film or gives you a brief understanding to people who did not watch the first shows a series of images that are key points that happened in the first film.They have made the opening credits seem like you are going through a spiders web. As the images are being shown on one side of the screen they are showing the credits next to the images,but before this starts Columbia films is shown before the credits start because they are the one who have put the money behind the film.tThen followed by the films title and after the title is shown the credits start.Starting with the producers(Laura Ziskin,Avi Arad).I feel that the images are good but they take up all your attention and you do not read the credits so you miss all the people that made the film as you are focused on the images.As all the lines pass other the screen it becomes very difficult to read the credits as some of the letters are enlarged.

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