Monday, 27 January 2014


we have been looking at different locations for our chase seen places that have appealed to us are the woods behind the warren and around he hayes area as they are secluded and away from houses so we will not have people and buildings in the shot.I went on google maps and found away in to the woods that looks a good place to start filming our opening title sequence as it has a creepy feel to it when it starts to get dark.

When we was looking for suitable locations for our filming,Threehalfpenny wood took my fancy as it has a very thick canopy so not a lot of light gets through so it creates a dark and dingy feel to the wood.
In the picture above i have drawn on it to show where the running scene would take place if we used this location and where the camera would be this is because there is a road and houses behind so we will have to film from one side using the 180 degree rule and not show and buildings/roads off.
This could become a problem when it comes to sound as we might get cars driving past and this will disrupt  filming and the sound would be recorded so this will become a problem we will have to deal with if we chose this location.

The next location we looked at was keston park,this location had paths large trees what is what we was looking for but the main problem is we are having to say no to this location due to the amount of people that visit the park/woods.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014


*Props* - Knife - Rock 

*Setting * - Forrest/Woods 

*Decor* - Innocent man walking in woods = Victor Merryfeild (Sam Wills) - Mysterious Murderer = Wayne Walker (Josh Hoare) 

*Costume* - Victor = Black Trousers/Polo Shirt/Jumper - 
Wayne = Leather jacket/Hoodie/Jeans/Trainers 

*Lighting* - Natural (sun)

practice filming

 Here is a video of my group and i getting to terms with some  camera shots that we have looked at :  match on action,shot reverse shot, rule of third and the 180 degree rule.The acting in this clip is very bad but we get our camrea shots across very well in my opinion.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

My group and i  have produced a storyboard with what we will be doing in our opening title sequence.We have a chase scene with a serial killer chasing a man through the woods as most crime thriller/murder chase in films occur in wooded areas.

As Sam aka the victim runs away he stumbles on a rock and hits the floor giving Josh aka serial killer catches up and stands over him then we will have it fade out to start the film.                        

Here is a story board of when the credits will be shown over the top of our opening title sequence piece. we will ad a production companies logo before the black screen as this is a convention of a opening title sequence.