Monday, 25 November 2013

Narrative Opening Sequence

This is where the opening title sequence tells a story for example spiderman 2's opening title sequence tell you the story of the first spiderman so you can recap on it or if you have not seen the first one it gives you a idea to what happened by showing you key points from the film.or the opening title sequence shows you what is going to happen in the film but most producers do not use this method as they might ruin the film for the viewers for example the Catch me if you can opening title sequence is narrative and tells the story of a man chasing a criminal around a airport and other places.this the stroy to the film but they have shown it in cartoon so now one really catchs on until the film is near the end that it was showing you what haappens in the film.

Normally, the narrative sequences are more interesting because they have a story behind them whereas the non-narrative opening sequences aren't as interesting because sometimes they make no sense or they are one city skyline.For example Panic Room does this in its opening title sequence.

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