Friday, 21 March 2014

3. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?


We have had our draft opening sequence shots reviewed and checked and we have concluded that it does not contain enough narrative. Therefore we will now add more narrative to the opening of our sequence and tell how the story all begins.
We have discussed and raised points on what we could do for it and have decided to have the victim go into the villains house and steal an important document from his house and this is why the villain hunt down the victim and chases him the kills him as these documents are important to him (documents could be incriminating and could be used to black mail him)so this gives the villain motive to go and kill the victim. the villains house. This will raise suspicion within the viewers and tell the rest of the opening sequence 

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

I have used powtoon to make a animated storyboard that has brief information on what we will do and the story-line.

we went to edit the shots we got but we was disappointed as the camera with all of our opening title sequence shots we filmed on was being used by another group so we could not get the shot on to the computer. Then the next day when we  had the camera the group had left the camera with no charge so we spent our time waiting for it to charge. when the camera had charge we was having problems with the computer as it kept freezing .we have now finally got all the shots on to a computer ready to be edited.
On Thursday we had a very successful day filming our opening sequence. We all met on time at the location we agreed on, we were certainly a lot more organised than when we originally agreed to meet. Although we didn't have a confirmed location to film we instantly knew where we wanted to film our opening sequence. We chose quite a rural path to film, however there were many dog walkers around which delayed filming. Luckily it didn't delay us too much and we got all filming done on the day

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

filming attempt

we could not film on the tuesday due to josh living to far away and it would of taken him to long to get down and we would not have enough time to film as sam had football training at 6 and josh could only get the for 5 so there was not enough time to film so we will do all the filming on the thursday.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

filming schedule

My group has arranged to meet and film on Tuesday 4th March at 4:30 for around one hour and a half,the next day we will look at the footage we got from filming and see if we need to improve scenes.We will go out in the Thursday 6th march to get the rest of the shots we need to finish our filming and then we have friday and onwards to edit the shots we have collected.


For our music i have been going over the Bane soundtrack in batman made by Hans Zimmer,i have found that the music between 1:53 till around 3:40 will be used in our opening title sequence as it has the fast pass for the running scene but then goes quiet so we could use that bit for when Sam (victim) is on the floor and Josh (villain) stands over him and then it fades out into the opening credits.

prop knife.

I have got a rubber knife of a friend so we do not have to spend money on it and it looks very realistic what is a bonus.A problem that we will come across is transporting the rubber knife from the filming location back to my house.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Sparrows Den Woods

Sparrows den has the best woos out of the location my group and i looked at but also it will easy for all of us to get to as there is a bus stop next to the woods and from there just a five minute walk in the woods to our filming location.

Monday, 24 February 2014

music choices

Music choices 
 My group and i have been looking a chase scene music for our opening title sequence,we have decided to take a section of the dark night rises soundtrack made by Hans Zimmer.


  Risk assessment  

Josh Hoare and Sam Wills are two actors that are running through the woods.They are at risk of falling or tripping over a rock or any other small object that will be on the floor. We will tackle this by finding the are they will be running through and walking down it clearing all obstacles in the way.

I am the Director/Camera man so i will be in-charge of the camera,dropping the camera could damage the camera but could also harm me as it call fall and hit me on my foot. We will stop this from happening by keeping it in a bag when transporting the camera and when filming with it i will walk slow and hold it by the proper handles.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

camera shots


As i am going to be filming the opening title sequence i have been looking at shots that i could use for example i have found a image of a really good shot where the camera is following a man as he runs through the woods,so i am going to use this shot and make it look like the camera is at the villains point of view looking at the victim as he runs through the woods. 
another shot that ihave beethinking of is where the victim runs past the camera but the camera is in a bush so there is some leaves in the way of the shot and you can hear them russell as the victim runs past. Also to show the fast pass of them running i film some shots form far and let trees fly past the shot.

In this video there are some really interesting and good shot that i would like to use when filming the opening title sequence.I really like the point of view shots as i feel that it gets the fear of the victim across to the views as they will be able to hear him breathing very heavily.But also if it was a point of view of the villains perspective then you will see that he would be catching him up and you could also see the panic in the victim by the way he is running.

victim outfit

For the victim we are going to make him look like a very  vulnerable person who was having a walk in the woods so we have decided to make our victim where smart clothes so shirt,glasses and a tie we hare basing our vulnerable victim on a picture that looks like a typical nerd/neek. We have gone against conventions of a man,men are seen strong, athletic ect so for the victim we have made him look weak.

villain outfit

i have been looking at some chase scenes in triller films to see what the villain is wearing so we can go and find/buy cloths to fit the conventions of a villain in a thriller film.most of the villains have been wearing very dark clothes and a hood so that it makes it very hard for the view to see there face so you do not know who it is.the villain/murderer has a very dark and creepy feel to him so the all black and hidden face will fit our is a image of what our villain will look like but as we are filming when it is darker it will make it harder to see is face.

Thursday, 6 February 2014


 I have been playing around with the Optimum productions logo as i really like the film tape they have in their logo so i have cropped it out and put it into photoshop and have added our production companies name to the film tape and have played around with the fonts and i have showed my group and we have decided on this for our logo.

Monday, 27 January 2014


we have been looking at different locations for our chase seen places that have appealed to us are the woods behind the warren and around he hayes area as they are secluded and away from houses so we will not have people and buildings in the shot.I went on google maps and found away in to the woods that looks a good place to start filming our opening title sequence as it has a creepy feel to it when it starts to get dark.

When we was looking for suitable locations for our filming,Threehalfpenny wood took my fancy as it has a very thick canopy so not a lot of light gets through so it creates a dark and dingy feel to the wood.
In the picture above i have drawn on it to show where the running scene would take place if we used this location and where the camera would be this is because there is a road and houses behind so we will have to film from one side using the 180 degree rule and not show and buildings/roads off.
This could become a problem when it comes to sound as we might get cars driving past and this will disrupt  filming and the sound would be recorded so this will become a problem we will have to deal with if we chose this location.

The next location we looked at was keston park,this location had paths large trees what is what we was looking for but the main problem is we are having to say no to this location due to the amount of people that visit the park/woods.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014


*Props* - Knife - Rock 

*Setting * - Forrest/Woods 

*Decor* - Innocent man walking in woods = Victor Merryfeild (Sam Wills) - Mysterious Murderer = Wayne Walker (Josh Hoare) 

*Costume* - Victor = Black Trousers/Polo Shirt/Jumper - 
Wayne = Leather jacket/Hoodie/Jeans/Trainers 

*Lighting* - Natural (sun)

practice filming

 Here is a video of my group and i getting to terms with some  camera shots that we have looked at :  match on action,shot reverse shot, rule of third and the 180 degree rule.The acting in this clip is very bad but we get our camrea shots across very well in my opinion.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

My group and i  have produced a storyboard with what we will be doing in our opening title sequence.We have a chase scene with a serial killer chasing a man through the woods as most crime thriller/murder chase in films occur in wooded areas.

As Sam aka the victim runs away he stumbles on a rock and hits the floor giving Josh aka serial killer catches up and stands over him then we will have it fade out to start the film.                        

Here is a story board of when the credits will be shown over the top of our opening title sequence piece. we will ad a production companies logo before the black screen as this is a convention of a opening title sequence.